Visa First is your reliable choice if you are looking to acquire an Australian visa. Working as an independent company for over a decade, our high Australian visa application success rate relates to the huge experience our migration agents have. Visa First will apply for your visa for Australia thus save you time, effort, and boost your chances of your visa being granted successfully. Select the visa type you need and see the requirements for your Australia visa application to be accepted. Click here to apply for an Australian visa now!

Your Australian Visa is Almost Granted

Our experienced representatives and migration agents form the ideal team to secure your visa for Australia. Our team will review and prepare your application, and advise on additional information and documents required - over the phone or online. Whether you are travelling for the purpose of tourism, for a working holiday, or seeking a new life as a permanent migrant – Australia has a visa policy that allows you to fulfill your dreams. We have a lot of experience dealing with the Australian Department of Immigration, related Australian government bodies and authorized third party organisations who are involved with your visa application. We know the pathways for successful processing of your visa application.

Working Holiday Visas

Australian working holiday visas allow you to supplement your travels with casual employment. This type of Australian visa allows you to undertake a short study of up to 3 months. The 1 year working holiday visa is the most popular choice for anyone looking to explore Australia and earn money in the meantime. The Australian government will also give you the opportunity to apply for a 2nd year working holiday visa as long as you have done 3 months of specific work like harvesting, mining or construction in a regional part of Australia during your first year.

Migration Visas

Skilled migration, or sponsorship visa would be the appropriate Australian work visa for you should you decide to move for a longer period of time or relocate to Australia permanently. The right type will depend on a lot of factors including your qualifications, work experience and whether you already have a job offer from an Australian employer. Contact our representatives today and let them assess your visa options and help you get a long-term visa for Australia.

ETA Tourist and Business Visas

Should the purpose of your travel to Australia be for leisure, tourism or maybe visiting friends or family you have the choice between 3, 6, or 12 month tourist visas for Australia. To travel on business for a conference, to meet a partner or explore business opportunities in Australia for up to 3 months you will need to get an Australian business visa. Bear in mind those visas will not entitle you to work or study.

Student, Partner and Dependent Visas

The Australian migration program allows spouses and defacto partners of Australian and New Zealand citizens to apply for permanent residency. Full-time students accepted in recognised educational institutions in Australia can also be granted long-term student visas for the course of their education. Visa First will make sure your application is processed according to the government’s guidelines, which ensures best possible results.

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Why Choose Visa First for Getting Your Australian Visa

Visa First process visas for over 50,000 clients worldwide every year. We have over 10 years’ experience in processing Australia work, holiday and student visas. Visa First employs the services of a Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1001083. Our work will be carried out within the Australian Immigration Advisers Authority code of conduct guidelines at all times. Visas for Australia have their own requirements, and we make sure each of them is met, which is how we ensure best chance for your visa to be granted. Give us a call on 01 878 3329 and make our expertise your advantage.