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Once you contact us on the phone or on the web to request information for one of our services we will provide you with a free eligibility assessment which will determine the most appropriate visa for you. The assessment will include preliminary information on the visa conditions and how you meet the eligibility requirements. Once you agree to use our service we will process your visa application through to completion. Our service covers the checking of your documents and personal details for correctness before we lodge your application with the relevant Government/Embassy. In the event that we spot any missing information/documents from your application we will follow up by giving you a phone call or sending you an email to request the necessary details.

Thousands of customers choose Visa First to organise their working holiday visas every year because:

  • We make getting the visa you need fast and hassle-free.
  • We provide a free initial assessment on the process.
  • We developed the unique online visa status engine which allows you to check the status of your visa 24/7. Check your status now.
  • We're visa experts and have organised over 130,000 visas for people like you.
  • We have a price and service promise to you to ensure a low cost effective service.
  • We offer a step-by-step consultation as we do the visa.
  • We provide an end-to-end service from assessment, through gathering and processing the documents till visa grant.
  • We have local offices supporting the visa process.



The total fee for the standard Australia Work and Holiday Visa (including all embassy fees) which is processed in 48 hours* is US $495. For visa processing in 2 weeks, the fee is US $485.

*Subject to Terms and Conditions

*Please note, Embassy fee is set by the Embassies themselves and Visa First has no control over it. Usually, the Embassy fee varies according to embassy, applicant’s nationality, type and duration of visa. The prices given here consist of Visa First handling fee and embassy fee. They are for one person, inclusive of VAT and are an estimate only. Please note that, additional fees may apply. These are dependant on the way you want to receive your passport, exchange rate changes, changes in the Embassy fees etc. In the event that in your case an additional fee is due we will contact you to organize the payment in the most convenient way for you.

This Australian Work and Holiday Visa is for tertiary and high school educated US citizens aged 18 to 30 who are interested in a working holiday of up to 12 months in Australia.

The purpose of this visa for Australia is for you to enjoy an extended holiday in Australia. You are entitled to work in Australia, but any work should be temporary to help fund your travels. Periods of work should be broken up by periods of holiday and travel.

Complete the Australia Work and Holiday application form, making sure you answer each question in full. Post your application form, including payment of US$445 to:

Ireland address: Visa First, 14 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, Ireland
UK address: Visa First, 3rd Floor, 9 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PD, UK

You can pay by enclosing a postal order or bank draft made payable to Traveltowork Ltd* or by completing the credit card section of the application. Do not send cash or cheque.

*Visa First is a trading name for Traveltowork Ltd.

If you are granted a Work and Holiday Visa you can:

  • enter Australia any time within 3 months of the visa grant date;
  • stay for up to 12 months in Australia;
  • leave and re-enter Australia any number of times in the 12 months from the date of first entry;
  • undertake temporary employment in Australia;
  • study for up to 4 months;

If granted a Work and Holiday Visa to Australia, you have 12 months from the date of issue to enter Australia. The visa is then valid for 12 months from the date you first enter Australia.

You can work throughout the 12-month validity of your visa but you are not entitled to work for more than 6 months with the same employer. Working beyond 6 months with one employer may result in your visa being cancelled and you may be required to leave Australia.

You can take up any type of work in Australia as long as it is on a temporary basis. If you intend to work in your own occupation you should check if registration or licensing is required.

In exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to extend the period of work with one employer to longer than six months. An extension may be allowed for a very short period of time and only if there is sufficient justification to grant it.
Exceptional circumstances must relate to an Australian permanent resident, citizen or business and must be extraordinary and unforeseeable.

If you are referred by an agency or labour supplier to a business in Australia, you can still only work 6 months for that business on the Australia Work and Holiday Visa. However, the same agency or labour supplier can later refer you to another business where you can work for another 6 months.

No. Your spouse will need to apply for their own Australian Visa if they want to accompany you.

While in Australia on a Work and Holiday Visa you must not study or train for more than 4 months. If you want to study for longer than 4 months, you should apply for an Australia Student Visa.

Health requirements for Oz Work Visa applications will vary depending on your personal circumstances. You may need to have a medical examination depending on:

  • your length of stay in Australia;
  • other health risks in your home country or countries you have visited for more than three months within the last five years;
  • the activities you will be undertaking;
  • your existing health condition;

For the Australian Government to determine whether you are of good character, you may be asked to provide police certificates for each country you have lived in for 12 months or more over the last 10 years since you turned 16 years old.

You must maintain adequate health insurance cover during your stay in Australia on your Work and Holiday Visa. Private health insurance funds cover you for treatment as a private patient in private or public hospitals and can include some services such as dental and optical services.

Once we review your complete application, including supporting documents and evidence of English language proficiency, and if you do not have a medical condition that requires further investigation, you will receive notification from us about the status of your visa application.

Visa First is the only company with an online visa status engine through which you can check the status of your Australia Visa application 24/7. Check your visa status here.

When your Australian Work and Holiday Visa is approved, you will receive a visa approval letter at your nominated email or postal address. Make sure you keep a copy of this letter. This letter will confirm your visa approval and detail the validity date of your visa and conditions.

When your visa is approved, you will receive a notification letter at your nominated email or postal address. Please keep this notification as it describes the conditions that apply to your visa. It will contain:

  • your visa number;
  • the validity date of your visa;
  • the visa conditions;
  • full details of what you must do next.

When you arrive in Australia you must remember to collect your visa label at the nearest immigration office. You MUST remember to use the same passport as the one you used in this application.

To use your mobile phone in Oz you will need to unblock your phone and get an Australian mobile sim card. Visa First can provide you with a pack that will allow you to unblock your phone and use your current handset – so you can keep in touch with your friends and family back home. Click here to see more information. Simply return this form to us and your Oz SIM Pack will be in the post. If you have any questions you can chat live online with our staff here.

Visa First is partnered with Traveltowork, who can open your Australian bank account before you leave home. Traveltowork partners with one of Australia’s largest banks – ANZ – and will provide you with your account details by email within 4-5 working days of your application. Once you arrive in Oz, you simply present your passport or drivers licence at any ANZ branch to access your funds. Apply now to get your account set up.

You will need an Australian Tax File Number (TFN) to work and pay tax in Oz.
With the Visa First Tax Saver Pack we’ll start organising your TFN before you leave home so you can start working and earning as soon as you arrive in Australia. Apply for your Tax File Number here.

Yes. When you work in Australia, you will pay 29% tax on your wages, as well as having your employer contribute to a superannuation fund on your behalf. Depending on your circumstances, you will be able to claim back some, or all of what you paid in tax at the end of the tax year or when you leave Oz permanently. Visa First recommends taxback.com to help you claim a tax refund from Australia. Register today for a free quote at www.taxback.com or www.superannuation.ie.

Yes, it’s possible to get a holiday visa once your working holiday such expires but you need to be outside of Australia in order to do so. You can go to a near by country – i.e. New Zealand and we can lodge your application and it will take a couple of days for the visa to be granted.

Once you are in Australia you will be charged at 48% with taxes as non-Australian. To prevent this you should get a tax file number and thus you will pay the standard rate of 29% of taxes. Apart than this you will be able to claim some of the taxes back.

If you are interested we can help with the issuance of such tax file number and you will also be entitled to receive 10% discount when you’re claiming your taxes back.

At Visa First we do everything we can to make sure you receive the best possible service. If you feel that we have not achieved this goal we have set up a complaints handling process:

Complaints Process:
  1. Where an official complaint is received by Visa First, the company will record the nature of the complaint and issue an acknowledgement email to the client within 5 business days of receiving the complaint. The acknowledgement will provide the client with the contact name who is responsible for dealing with the complaint. The official complaint must be made by email (you may also write, although this will slow down the process), and confirm that the client wishes to enter this process. Please email your complaint to complaints@visafirst.com
  2. Visa First will investigate the complaint as swiftly as possible and where applicable, the complainant will receive a regular written update on the progress of the investigation at intervals of not more than 20 business days.
  3. Visa First will try to resolve the complaint within 40 business days of having received the complaint. If the complaint cannot be resolved within 40 business days, the Firm will write to the complainant notifying them of the anticipated timeframe for the conclusion of the investigation.
  4. Within 5 business days of the conclusion of the investigation of the complaint, Visa First will issue a resolution letter detailing the outcome of the investigation. This letter will include, if applicable, an explanation of the terms of any offer that the company is prepared to make in settlement of the complaint.

New South
salary $
salary $
salary $
salary $
salary $
salary $
59,000- 69,000
48,278- 55,028
50,000- 59,000
42,203- 48,278
52,100- 60,000
43,620- 48,953
55,500- 63,118
45,915- 51,057
55,000- 65,000
45,578- 52,328
50,000- 59,000
42,203- 48,278
59,820- 72,100
48,831- 57,120
57,000- 67,000
46,928- 53,678
59,000- 69,000
48,278- 55,028
59,000- 69,000
48,278- 55,028
59,000- 69,000
48,278- 55,028
50,000- 59,000
42,203- 48,278
Diesel mechanic
58,000- 71,540
47,603- 56,742
55,000- 65,000
45,578- 52,328
50,000- 59,000
42,203- 48,278
Chef de Partie
50,000- 59,000
42,203- 48,278
50,000- 59,000
42,203- 48,278
50,000- 59,000
42,203- 48,278

WA-$512; SA-$352; NSW-$497; VIC-$485; QLD-$387; NT-$610

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