Second Year Australian Working Holiday Visa

If you've been in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa and would like to stay for another year, Visa First can organise a Second Year Australian Working Holiday Visa for you.

The Australian Working Holiday Visa Extension (2nd year) is available to people who have completed three months specified work (construction work including) in regional Australia while on their first year Working Holiday visa. Regional Australia is defined by specific postcodes. You should check the postcode list before starting specified work to ensure it is in an eligible area.

The Second Year Australian Working Holiday Visa allows you to enjoy Australia for another 12 months, extending your stay to 24 months and it can be applied for in or outside of Australia.

You will be eligible for this Australian Work Visa if:

Check out Am I Eligible? for more information. Please note that if you have previously applied for, or attempted to apply for, a 2nd Australian WHM Visa, you need to tell us when submitting your application.

Call now to book your Australia work visa today! (Please have your credit card and passport ready). Our team will send you all the forms you need and start processing your Oz Visa immediately.

Visa First can process your Australian Visa in just 48 Hours*! We can also help set you up with everything you need to start living and working in Oz including a bank account, tax file number, tax information, a mobile SIM card, work courses, jobs advice and other arrival packages. See our related products.

Register online here for your Second Year Australian Working Holiday Visa now.

* 48 hours subject to Terms and Conditions.