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Am I Eligible for a Canadian Family Class Visa?

To be eligible to apply for the Canadian Family Class visa you must be married or in a genuine relationship for at least 12 months prior to the date when the application is made.

How do they assess a 12 month relationship?
In assessing a common law or conjugal relationship, the government normally looks at evidence such as living together full-time, sharing important financial (bank accounts) and social commitments (holidays etc), setting up a household separately from other people, etc. If you have not been living together but you have been in a genuine relationship, you can also apply if your relationship is ongoing and you can provided compelling reasons why you have not lived together.

Some of the factors to be considered include:

  • Knowledge of each other's personal circumstances;
  • Joint finances such as any joint ownership of real estate, joint bank accounts or other major assets;
  • The nature of your household, including living arrangements such as joint residential receipts or joint household accounts
  • The social aspects of your relationship, provided in statements (statutory declarations) by parents, family members, relatives, friends and other interested parties;
  • Joint membership of organisations or joint participation in sporting, social or other activities;
  • Joint travel.