All foreign visitors entering India are required to obtain a visa in addition to possessing a valid travel document (passport). VisaFirst will help you acquire an Indian visa. Either apply through the government or save time and effort while maximizing your approval chances by choosing VisaFirst. Click here to apply through VisaFirst now.

India Visa Requirements

There are certain requirements your Indian visa application must comply with. Common reasons for a visa being declined include poorly filled application forms, wrong passport photo properties, typos, missed fields. VisaFirst maximizes your chances of obtaining a visa for India by making sure all those are correct.

To acquire a visa for tourist purposes (undertaking employment is not allowed) you are required to present:

For acquiring a business India visa you will have to present us with:

VisaFirst will process your Indian Visa in just 10 working days after receiving your application. For Irish residents we offer express processing of 5 working days from receipt of your application.

India Visa Fees

Tourist visas:

Tourist Visa 6-Month (Express service - 3 working days): £175

Tourist Visa 6-Month (Standard service - 5 working days): £135

Business visas:

Business Visa 6-Month (Express service - 3 working days): £220

Business Visa 6-Month (Standard service - 5 working days): £190

Business Visa 12-Month (Express service - same day): £420

Business Visa 12-Month (Express service - 3 working days): £390

Business Visa 12-Month (Standard service - 10 working days): £350

Employment permits:

Employment Visa 6-Month (Express service - 5 working days): £415

Employment Visa 6-Month (Standard service - 10 working days): £400

Please bear in mind that embassy fees vary. Visa First has no control over this, and there are different factors that determine your final Indian visa fee. Fees vary depending on which embassy processes the application, the applicant’s nationality, type and duration of visa. Contact us today to learn everything you may need, plus a final quote.

Apply for Your India Visa Today

You can apply online by filling the application form - our representatives will be in contact with you soon to confirm your details. You can also directly contact us and apply over the phone by calling one of the numbers below.

UK: 207 659 9180
1 878 3329
USA:  866 772 9245
Canada: 647 724 3535