Australia Overview

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With population of over 22 million people, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world in land, and it is the only one governing a whole continent. Its democratic society and skilful workers brought the country sustained economic growth for 17 consecutive years and a top rank among the developed countries. Financial and economic experts recently announced the country did better than the predicted 10 percent unemployment rate as it only hit 6 percent in 2009. Since then, the unemployment rate has been decreasing to reach the current 5.3 percent. Practically, Australia never suffered through an economic downturn.

According to the United Nations' statistics, Australia takes third place in education, life expectancy and living standard worldwide. Rich in physical resources, the country's nation has been enjoying one of the highest standards of living for the last 200 years. For the past 65 years immigrants have significantly contributed to the overall well-being of the country due to their huge number and diversity-over 6 million people from 200 different countries and 226 languages spoken. Some of the most popular languages after English are Italian, Greek, Cantonese and Arabic.