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Other visas

Sponsorship Visa Subclass 457

The sponsorship visa allows foreign nationals to fill skilled vacancies in Australian companies.

If you have a job offer as a skilled worker (trade or professional) from an Australian employer, the sponsorship visa will allow you to work in Australia for your nominated employer for up to 4 years. You can apply for the 457 sponsorship visa while you are either inside or outside Australia. And as there is no age limit for this visa, it is ideal for anyone who is no longer eligible for a working holiday visa. If you have a dependent family, they can be included on this visa and can work or study also.

You must have a job offer in an eligible occupation with a minimum salary. Our partner, Visafirst, will check your eligibility and get your application processed.

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Student Visa

Australia has a range of student visas to allow overseas students to study in Australia at all levels - from intensive English Language courses to post graduate courses. While studying on this visa, you can work on a part time basis – up to 40 hours per fortnight while the course is in session and unlimited hours during set course breaks. Dependent family members can join you on this visa also.

To be eligible for a student visa, you must meet the course entry requirements, have sufficient funds to support yourself and have a letter of acceptance from the college onto the course.

Our visa partner, VisaFirst, will make sure your application is processed according to the government’s guidelines to allow you to start your course.

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Partner and Family Visas

There are a range of visa options for Australian citizens and permanent residents to bring their partner/spouse, child, parent or other dependent relatives to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis.

Some visas are provisionally granted before you can be granted a permanent visa. The type of visa you apply for also depends on whether you are inside or outside Australia at the time.

Our visa partner, Visafirst will ensure that you apply for the correct visa.

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ETA Tourist / Business Visa

Should the purpose of your travel to Australia be for leisure, tourism or maybe visiting friends or family you have the choice to apply for 3, 6, or 12 month tourist visas for Australia.

To travel on business for a conference, to meet a partner or explore business opportunities in Australia for up to 3 months you will need to get an Australian business visa. You cannot work on this visa.

Visafirst, our visa partner, can arrange your ETA Tourist or Business visa.

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Skilled Migration Visa

If you are looking to make a permanent move and relocate to Australia, you should consider a skilled migration visa. They allow you and your dependent family to live, work and study in Australia - for life! As a permanent resident, you have access to Australia’s healthcare system (Medicare) and free schooling for your children. You may also be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship and so secure an Australian passport.

There are different types of skilled migration visas, which are points based. You must have an occupation that is in high demand in Australia and score the required points. You score points based on your age, work experience, English language, qualifications (and other factors) and you need to score a minimum level before you can apply for these visas.

Our partner, Visafirst, can carry out a free assessment on your visa options and help you get a long-term visa for Australia.

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