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US B1/2 visitors visa – tourist, business or medical treatment


About this visa

Who is the B1/2 visa suitable for?

If you are a visa required national, you will need to apply for a B1/2 business and tourist visa to enter the US. The B1/2 is a visitor’s visa which will allow you to go to the US specifically for the purpose of your travel – holiday, to attend business meetings and conferences or to undergo medical treatment. You will have to be able to support yourself during your stay in the US.The B1/2 tourist and business visa can be issued from a month up to 10 years. The maximum period you will be permitted to stay on each entry is up to 6 months.

How does the process work?

As a part of the B1/2 business visitor application, you will have to submit your application and then attend an interview at the nearest embassy and pass biometrics. Once you attend the interview the visa will normally be issued within a week after that, unless if further information is required by the US Immigration.

What does the B1/2 visa allow me to do?

The B1/2 is a business visitor’s visa and it does not allow you to work in the US. You can travel to the US for pleasure or to attend business meetings and conferences, to visit an overseas branch of the company you are working for. If you would like to work in the US you can apply for one of the work visa J1, H2B, H1B, L1).

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